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Opening Time 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Sheds & Infrastructure-
Shed 33 Nos, Room 237 Nos, Pucca road 3.655 meter, Bric soiling 3.1370 meter, Power substation 01Nostaholee , Island (Utsab, Niribily) as picnic s 02 Nos, Anser camp 01 Nos, Zoo museum 01 Nos, Resting shed 13 Nos, Mosque (with separate arrangement for women 01 Nos, Public toilet 03 Nos.

The use of cameras in the Zoo without prior permission from the Zoo authority is prohibited. Professional photographers should apply to Zoo authority for special permission.

There are two restaurants in the Zoo one is Parjatan Restaurant and another one is General (Mainly first food) are opened for convenience of the visitors. Price of all food items are fixed and price list are displayed in front of restaurant.

Wheel Chair:
Wheel chair for aged or physically disabled people/visitors.

Zoo guides are available.

There are 4 separate toilet/wash room shade for Man and women.

First aid Post:
Contact Veterinary Surgeon or Information Centre near the entrance gate for First Aid.

Lost Children:
If your child is lost inside the zoo apply to the information centre near the entrance gate. Please take lost children to the Information centre for announcement.

Lost Property:
Please deposit any lost articles you find in the Zoo to the Information Centre. You may apply to the Information Centre in case you loose anything in the Zoo.