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Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Livestock Branch-2

26  Ashar 1421
File no. 33.01.0000.                                                                                                   Date : 10 July 2014


With a view to provide deliberate advice and cooperation for the management and developmental activities of Dhaka Zoo, the former Dhaka zoo advisory committee which was formed by the reference notification no. MoFL/livestock-2/zoo-4/2006(part-1)/65 in combination with public representatives, head of different Ministries, organizations , social and media personnel has been reformed by reorganizing Dhaka zoo advisory committee as follows :

01. Honourable Minister, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka Chairman
02. Mr. Kamal Ahamed Mojumdar, Honourable M.P, Constituency Dhaka-15 and member of the parliamentary standing committee,    Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. Member
03. Mr. Aslamul Haque, Honourable M.P ,Constituency Dhaka-14 Mirpur, Dhaka (Parliamentary area of Dhaka Zoo ) Member
04. Mr. Md. Ilius Uddin Mollah, Honourable M.P ,Constituency Dhaka-16 Member
05. Advocate Tarana Halim, Honourable M.P Member
06. Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka Member
07. Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest , Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka Member
08. Secretary, Ministry of Education, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka Member
09. Secretary, Ministry of Social welfare, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka Member
10. Secretary, Ministry of Information, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka Member
11. Director General, Department of Livestock Services, Khamar bari, Dhaka Member
12. Director General, Department of Fisheries, Motsha Bhaban, Dhaka Member
13. Director General, BLRI, Savar, Dhaka Member
14. Director General, Department of Environment, Agargaon, Dhaka Member
15. Director General, Bangladesh Water Development Board, Dhaka Member
16. Chief Conservator of Forest , Department of Forest, Agargaon, Dhaka Member
17. Chief Engineer, Department of Public Works, Shegunbagicha, Dhaka. Member
18. Chief Architect, Department Architecture, Shegunbagicha, Dhaka Member
19. Chairman, Rajdhani Unnayan Kortripokko , Dhaka Member
20. Chairman, National Housing Authority , Shegunbagicha, Dhaka Member
21. Chairman, Dhaka WASA, Member
22. Chairman, Department of Zoology ,University of Dhaka Member
23. Administrator, Dhaka North City Corporation, Ghulshan Avenue , Dhaka Member
24. Joint Secretary (Livestock), Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka Member
25. Deputy Commissioner, Dhaka Member
26. Police Commissioner, DMP, Dhaka Member
27. Director, Shishu Academy , Dhaka Member
28. Head, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Member
29. Head, Department of Zoology, Jahangirnagr University, Savar, Dhaka. Member
30. Head, Department of Genetics and Breeding, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Member
31. Mr. Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Renowned Educationist and founder of Bisho Shahitto kendro, Dhaka. Member
32. Country Representative, IUCN, Bangladesh, House No-11, Road No.138, Ghulshan, Dhaka. Member
33. President/General Secretary , Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh Member
34. Mr. Enam Al Haque, General Secretary, Bangladesh Bird Club Member
35. Mr. Mukit Mojumdar Babu, Chairman, Prokriti O Jibon Foundation, Dhaka Member
36. Dr. Musaddique Hossain, Ex Curator of Dhaka Zoo and Director General of Department of Livestock Services, Dhaka Member
37. Curator, Dhaka Zoo, Mirpur, Dhaka Member Secretary

Terms of reference of the committee:
a) To provide advice and suggestion for the overall development of zoo management
b) To assess how many species and number of animals will remain at the zoo.
c) To suggest for beautification of zoo to convert it for actual centre of recreation.
d) To suggest for creating environment for peaceful habitat of different animals and increase facilities of visitor’s recreation.
e) To take necessary actions for conservation breeding of critically endangered species of animals and birds of Bangladesh by collecting in the zoo.

As per order of the President
Signed 10.07.2014

(K.F.M Jesmin Akter)
Deputy Secretary
Phone: 9561117