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Opening Time 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM


The main Objective to Established a Zoo are CARER-

  • Introduce wildlife to public
  • Conservation
  • Ensuring animal welfare
  • Research & Education
  • Recreation



A direction for today and promise for tomorrow.

Bangladesh National Zoo Mission: Secure a better world for animals through human understanding.

Bangladesh National Zoo Core Values:

Protect– We passionately commit our expertise and resources to saving animals and ensuring their long-term survival.

Honor– We strive for excellence in everything we do. We treat our public, animals, volunteers and staff with respect. We conduct ourselves with integrity.

Innovate- We strive to discover creative solutions through progressive thinking, practices and partnerships.

Engage- We connect people with animals and create defining moments to inspire everyone to respect, value and care for the natural world.

Empower- We equip our guests, communities, volunteers and staff with the knowledge and tools to take positive action for all species.

Serve- We deliver exceptional service to our customers, our animals and one another. We are a trusted resource for our community and provide programs and services that make meaningful contributions to one’s daily life.